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DL-100W-MXG: The Versatile Programmable LED Driver for Outdoor Road Lighting

Introducing DL-100W-MXG, a state-of-the-art programmable LED driver designed specifically for outdoor lighting applications. With its advanced features and superior performance, this driver, brought to you by Done Power, ensures reliable and efficient operation for outdoor LED lighting systems.

Programmable LED Driver for Versatile Outdoor Road Lighting

DL-100W-MXG offers a wide power range of 30-320W, making it suitable for various outdoor road lighting projects. It supports a rated input voltage of 120-277V, providing flexibility for different electrical systems. With its standard and adjustable output voltage versions ranging from 25-56Vdc, it offers customizable power options, allowing precise control over lighting performance.

Key Features of DL-100W-MXG

LED Surge Protection and Stable Operation:

DL-100W-MXG is equipped with LED surge protection, safeguarding the LED lighting system from voltage fluctuations and ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Its stable operation guarantees consistent lighting output, even in challenging outdoor environments.

High Efficiency, Power Factor, and Low THD:

This programmable LED driver boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 94%, ensuring minimal energy wastage. With a high power factor (PF) of ≥0.95 and low total harmonic distortion (THD) of ≤10%, it complies with industry standards, reduces electrical losses, and minimizes interference with other devices.

Compatibility and Flexibility with Various Outdoor Lighting Applications

DL-100W-MXG is designed as a standardized LED street light driver module, offering compatibility with a wide range of outdoor lighting applications. Whether it’s street lighting, parking lots, or other outdoor areas, this driver seamlessly integrates with different lighting setups.


DL-100W-MXG from Done Power is the ultimate choice for outdoor road lighting projects. With its programmable features, wide power range, surge protection, high efficiency, and flexibility, it empowers lighting professionals to create reliable, energy-efficient, and customizable lighting solutions. Choose DL-100W-MXG for optimal performance and exceptional lighting experiences.

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