Florence’s Best Luggage Storage Options

We have missed Italy! It’s been too long since we all had the chance to experience the amazing food, wine, and rich history this country has to offer.

Florence is a city that Italy has to offer. Rome and Venice will always be our top choices, but Florence deserves to be there. Florence is full of architecture, art and vibrancy that cannot be described. You should visit it as soon as you can.

Walking through the city will make you feel like you are transported back in time. You will find frescoes and canvases from the greatest artists in the city. The buildings look so real they are almost impossible to believe. The food is another great thing. It’s great to eat Italian food, but Florence seems to elevate it to a new level.

You should be prepared when traveling to Florence. This will allow you to get on the ground quickly and enjoy all that Florence has for you.

It can be frustrating to figure out what to do about your luggage. You will likely have some bags with you if you travel by plane or train. You don’t want to have to carry them around the city. Your luggage is just too heavy.

We are going to show you all of Florence’s great luggage storage options. It will be simple to get rid of your bags and explore Florence, from the luggage storage at Florence Train Station to the storage options at the top restaurants.

How to store your bag

Before we get into the details of the best places to store your bag in Florence, it is important to first understand how to make sure you reserve a spot. These are the steps you need to take to find the best luggage storage in Florence.

1. Search Online

It is now easier than ever to find luggage storage options for your home, even before you leave Florence. So that you arrive in Florence with a great plan, we recommend booking at least one spot the night before.

You can search for Florence online and find over 20 options. It not only shows you the location of luggage storage, but also lists nearby places you could visit in that region. Do some research and find out what appeals to your most.

2. Reserve in Advance

Once you have decided which luggage storage option will be most convenient, you can book your booking online. It’s easy to do this online. Simply fill in your payment details and select the arrival and collection times you want to reserve your spot. After you have made your reservation, you will be given instructions on how to drop off and get to where you need to go.

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind while you Explore

You can explore Florence in complete peace and security after you have dropped your bags off at the luggage storage location. You will automatically receive over $10,000 in contents insurance coverage. A secure seal will be placed on your bag to let you know if someone has opened it.

The luggage storage fees are also so affordable and cheap that you can have extra money for exploring the city without feeling guilty about spending.

How to Store Your Bags

What can you do in Florence if you have your luggage stored at a convenient place? The best things to do in Florence are all available online.

1. Take the tramline

A modern tramline was recently installed in Florence. It connects various tram lines that run from the airport to the train station, and other central hubs. This is how locals travel, and it’s something you should try too, even if you are just watching. You might consider getting a pass that allows for you to hop on and off as often as you like.

2. Visit the Museums

We mentioned earlier that Florence is rich in culture. Their museums are sure to please. There are many museums in their collection that house some of the most important artifacts around the globe. You could spend an entire day exploring museums.

It is a good idea to book museum tickets online in advance. You might end up spending a lot of time waiting in line for your museum tickets. If you’ve pre-purchased tickets that have a specific time slot, you can skip the line and get in right away to explore.

3. All the food

Pasta, pizza, and top-quality wine are all options. You could easily spend the whole day enjoying these in Florence, and still feel satisfied. You will find many local restaurants with their own charm throughout the city. You can enjoy a lunch by the river and take in the sights while you watch the bustle of the city.

4. Enjoy the Sunsets

Some of Florence’s most beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed by walking along the river. You can watch the sunset over Florence from this spot.


You will love Florence once you have found great luggage storage!

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