Netflix Will Ban You from Watching The Office With a VPN?

If you’re still unsure how to stream The Office online, don’t worry. It’s easy to unblock it. Follow the link for some incredible VPN options that work reliably on Netflix.

The question is though, will you be banned from circumventing Netflix’s geo-restrictions and get your content blocked? This is not the case. Here’s why.

What VPNs Do and Why You Won’t Be Banned

VPNs that work in 2021 are the best because they change your IP address. This contains information about your actual location. Netflix and other online services cannot see your exact address. They can still identify you by your country, zip code, or city. You can change your IP from one region to unlock local Netflix libraries or gain access to new streaming services like BBC iPlayer.

Another function of VPNs are to encrypt your data. This protects it from hackers and ISPs who may wish to sell it. VPNs are used to protect your online data against cyber threats.

No streaming site will ban VPN users. It’s not a good idea to make people choose between entertainment and security. Netflix can block your IP address from the VPN server that you are connected to, and at worst you will be denied access.

Any decent VPN will always be one step ahead of the competition and acquire new IPs every day for their subscribers. You won’t be able to unblock Netflix shows with a free VPN. Without a steady income source, they simply cannot afford to do this. You should also be aware that many of them are plagued with security issues. So, choose carefully when selecting your provider.

Which Country has the Office on Netflix?

Now, let’s all relax and enjoy The Office together. It is not available on Netflix. It was announced in December that Dunder Mifflin, the beloved goofballs from Dunder Mifflin, would be back on Netflix in the UK or Ireland. Connect to one of these servers and you’ll be fine.

However, it is possible for the show to move streaming sites at any time. What’s the solution? You can bookmark the link at the beginning of the article and StreamCatcher’s system will notify you when The Office is available.

Why are some shows blocked on Netflix?

All it comes down to licensing issues. Everyone loves to blame Netflix, but TV and movie studios bear most of the responsibility. They are the ones who license Netflix content and have final say over where shows can be streamed. They may not be able to stream your favorite show if they have a better contract with a local streaming site or TV station.

The fact that every studio has their own streaming service is another reason. Why would NBCUniversal license theOffice to Netflix, when they could put it on Peacock and keep all of the money?

Last thought

While it may be good for the studio’s pocket, it is not for viewers. It’s not something people love to do. But not if the show they are interested in is already available on their preferred platform. You can use a VPN to access a whole new world of content without being banned!

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