Tips for Playing Over/Under Hi88 – Tips to get rich for bettors

What are tips for playing Hi88 Sic Bo? What rules and tips do they include? The house only provides basic gameplay, but you have to find out the tricks yourself. Today, let’s learn more about that with Hi88!
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Some basic information about the Tai Xiu game at Hi88

To understand tips on playing Tai Xiu, you must be able to participate Bookmaker Hi88 by registering an account. Visit the brand’s official website and create an account according to the instructions. Then log in and experience the game.

The rules of this product are very simple and easy to understand. Normally after 60 seconds of betting there will be results: 

  • Total of 3 dice: From 3 to 10 the result is under.
  • Total of 3 dice: From 11 to 18 results in big.

After each betting session, there will be 10 to 15 seconds for members to take advantage of this time to look and calculate carefully before entering the next game. Note that when there are 5 seconds left to open the bowl, you will not be able to bet at this time. 

Members should remember, Over/Under at Hi88 is green nine. If during the experience, the admin team discovers that you are cheating or defrauding in any form, you must take full responsibility and will even recover all the money in your account wallet. 

Share information about tips for playing Sic Bo properly for new players

In addition to applying the Sic Bo playing style from the experts from Hi88 above, everyone must pay attention to the following important things: 

Be mentally stable when playing

Playing Over/Under, in addition to knowing how to calculate good prediction skills, playing psychology is an extremely important thing that bettors must pay attention to. Don’t be arrogant if you win or lose, don’t be discouraged. When you win, don’t be too happy and bet uncontrollably, this can easily cause you to lose all your money. On the contrary, if you lose, don’t be bitter and lose your temper. Slowly recalculate from the beginning. 

Don’t be too greedy so know when to stop

Personal feelings will depend on the amount of money people bet, so don’t be too confident and don’t be stressed when playing Sic Bo. In case you have lost many matches in a row, take a break and stop to regain your spirit. When you feel more mentally stable, keep fighting.

Catch the Over/Under bridge through historical statistics

The experience of playing Sic Bo using this method is that bettors need to pay attention to the history in the game interface. This means that you should pay attention to this game for a long time (or also call it wholeheartedly).

When experimenting, bettors should turn on hand-squeezing mode instead of letting the dice appear on their own. Although the results cannot be changed, this is highly spiritual. Besides, it helps you slow down and restrain your haste.
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Actively learn from other users’ experiences

In the game, the publisher has designed a chat system specifically for users. Here, bettors can contact and exchange information with each other quickly and conveniently. 

Therefore, take full advantage of this feature to find friends who share the same passion. Fighting together and exchanging playing experiences will help you win very easily.

Accurately determine the time to pray

Bridge is one of the moments that helps members have a very long winning streak. According to veteran players, this bridge often appears when there are most players. 

Specifically, when a bet results 3 times or more, it will be a bad bet. Everyone just needs to bet accordingly and receive money. Special note, bettors should not be too confident in this player and bet too much money. Just one stumble and your psychology will be greatly affected. Be sure to grasp these tips for playing Tai Xiu!

You should choose a friend with many participants

For newbies, you probably still wonder why you should choose a betting partner with many players. According to experienced bettors, when a game has a large number of people, the possibility of bluffing by the dealer as well as the opponent is minimized. That ensures safety 


Through the above article, we hope you have grasped the tips for playing Tai Xiu that Hi88 shares. All of these tips are consulted by the bookmaker and listened to the shares of veteran players. Wishing all members a fun and comfortable time experiencing the game, bring lots of rewards and cash back to your family!

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