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WEGO Medical’s WEGO-PVDF Suture: Leading the Way in Surgical Excellence

In the ever-evolving field of surgical procedures, the quality and reliability of surgical sutures are crucial. WEGO Medical introduces the WEGO-PVDF Suture, a state-of-the-art product that stands at the forefront of innovation in surgical sutures. With a comprehensive range covering both absorbable and non-absorbable sutures, WEGO Medical ensures that their products meet the highest standards of excellence.

Global Standards and Certifications

WEGO Medical’s suture lines, including the WEGO-PVDF Suture, are approved by ISO, CE, and FDA. This rigorous certification process ensures that their sutures adhere to the highest levels of quality and safety. Since 2007, these sutures have been marketed globally under the protection of Product Liability Insurance, highlighting WEGO Medical’s commitment to reliability and patient safety.

Superior Manufacturing Process

The WEGO-PVDF Suture is distinguished by its combination of strong, sharp needles and soft, smooth threads. This blend is achieved through a sophisticated manufacturing process that ensures ease of use and optimal performance. WEGO Medical’s sutures are packaged in various user-friendly formats, making them a reliable choice for surgeons worldwide.

Advanced Equipment and Quality Control

Foosin Medical, a key player in manufacturing WEGO Medical’s surgical sutures, suture needles, and wound dressings, utilizes advanced equipment imported from the US and Europe. The strict quality control measures and cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensure that their suture and needle products are of the highest quality available in China.

Precision Needle Manufacturing

WEGO Medical boasts a full production line of surgical needles from the USA. These procedures were updated from traditional US needle manufacturers, who have supplied Ethicon for over 30 years. The precision needle testing machines introduced from the US, identical to those used by Ethicon, B. Braun, and Covidien, ensure that WEGO Medical’s needles match US standards in sharpness, bending, and ductility.

Comprehensive Product Line

WEGO Medical’s surgical sutures have obtained CE marks and FDA 510(k) approvals. The company is continually expanding its range to secure these certifications for all its products. By 2016, WEGO Medical aimed to be the first Chinese suture manufacturer with a complete line of surgical sutures, including PGA, PGLA, PDO, PGCL, Rapid PGA, Rapid PGLA, Chromic Catgut, Plain Catgut, Silk, Nylon (Polyamide), Polypropylene, Polyester, PTFE (Teflon), PVDF, and UHDPE sutures, all CE marked and FDA 510(k) registered.


In conclusion, the WEGO-PVDF Suture by WEGO Medical exemplifies the pinnacle of quality and innovation in surgical sutures. As a leading suture supplier, WEGO Medical offers a comprehensive range of products that meet global standards and are backed by extensive certifications. Their commitment to precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control ensures that surgeons can rely on their products for superior performance in various surgical applications. As a trusted name in the medical industry, WEGO Medical continues to set the benchmark for excellence and patient safety.

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