What is Soi 368? How to set standard numbers for lottery players

Predict 368 is a way to predict lottery results that is no longer strange to lottery enthusiasts. However, if you are new to learning about lotteries or lotteries, you will probably feel confused with this term. To better understand this prediction method, we invite you to refer to article LIÊN MINH OKVIP Share now!

What is Soi 368?

Soi 368 is being widely applied thanks to the accuracy that this way of playing brings. In particular, both newbies and experienced professionals can use it to improve their chances of winning.

To make it easier for you to imagine, 368 lottery prediction is a way to predict 3-region lottery such as cross lottery prediction, white lottery, double lottery, double lottery. These are methods drawn from the experiences of leading experts in the field.

The formula to calculate lot 368 will be based on the results of previous days and then apply the method of calculating probability and amplitude of falling balls to produce accurate results and have the highest explosion rate. Bettors can immediately choose for themselves a few lucky numbers to close the numbers and wait to receive gifts from the thrilling prize drawing session every day. 

Extremely accurate 368 prediction methods that bettors need to know

Currently, there are many ways to predict 368 and Okvip numbers. We will summarize for you the methods that are most appreciated by many experts right below!

Observe the yin and yang shadow

Predicting yin and yang balls is a popular form of predicting lottery results and is used by many bettors when placing bets. However, this way of playing will require you to be very careful and consistent to achieve the desired effect.

For example: The result returned yesterday was 13, when calculated according to the yin and yang prediction method, the returned results are 68 and 46. And when calculated according to the round of mutual compatibility, it will be 09 and 87.

Effective method

To play this way, the bettor needs to subtract the last 2 numbers of the special prize from the last 2 numbers of the first prize. Next, take the calculated results and reverse them. In the end, you will immediately have beautiful lottery numbers to play for the next day.

For example: The result returned yesterday had a special prize of 23432 and a first prize of 12813, you will take 32 – 13 = 19. If we reverse them, we will get the next day’s number of 91.

Based on the day of the week to finalize numbers

Predicting 368 based on days of the week is a method where you will compile the results of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from the past until now or 2, 3 weeks or more.

Once you observe and notice which pair of lots comes out the most, the player will take that pair to finalize the numbers for that day. 

For this method, bettors will need to monitor regularly, not just check once and play that pair of numbers all the time. Because over time other pairs of lots may appear. Therefore, you should update every day to choose for yourself the beautiful lottery numbers with the highest accuracy rate.

368 prediction based on silent lottery numbers

This is the most effective way to play that bettors should definitely not ignore if they want to win big. Because it seems like every day there will be at least one lottery that doesn’t produce any numbers. Next, we invite you to also refer to the following number generation rules:

  • The first lot is 0, and the next day it is often the numbers 00, 01, 03, 08.
  • If the first lot 1 is silent, the next day there will be lots 13, 15, 18, 19.
  • If the first lot 2 is silent, the next day it often comes out with numbers like 22, 21, 23.
  • The first lot 3 is silent the next day or comes out lot 32, 35, 36.
  • If the first lot is 4, then the next day there will usually be lots 42, 46, and 47.
  • If the first lot is 5 if it is silent, the next day it will be 51, 52, 56.
  • If the first lot 6 is silent, the next day usually comes 63, 64, 65, 67.
  • If the first lot 7 is silent, the next day it will be lot 71, 73, 76.
  • The first lot 8 is silent, the next day there are usually lots 82, 86, 87.
  • The first lot 8 is silent and the next day there will often be lots 93 and 94.


Above is a summary of the ways soi 368 Most effective for reference bettors. Hopefully with the sharing from Okvip, you can choose for yourself a suitable playing strategy and win many opportunities to reach the absolute shore. Hope you can win big prizes when playing lottery at bookmaker Okvip!

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