AED Manufacturer with Years of Experience: Mindray

In many cases, cardiopulmonary resuscitation feels like a nail-biting battle against the clock. After a cardiac arrest that lasts for longer than four minutes, permanent brain cell damage develops; the patient’s chance of survival decreases with each additional minute of delay; after ten minutes, the patient’s risk of brain death significantly increases; at this point, the patient’s life may come to an end for good. In the battle against cardiac arrest, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) developed by Mindray, a prominent manufacturer of AEDs, are indispensable. They have a decent performance, and the instructions for using them are easy to understand. If you get an (automated external defibrillator) AED purchase, you can speed up the response time of emergency services.

Why is it necessary for you to acquire AEDs?

It is possible for individuals who are not trained as medical professionals to use the AED to diagnose certain arrhythmias and provide electric shock defibrillation to patients to save them from going into cardiac arrest. After using an automated external defibrillator (AED) and compression-only CPR, the success percentage of resuscitating a patient can be increased to 53.5%. It is three times higher than the success rate of unassisted CPR.

What makes Mindray’s products stand out from the competition?

Mindray is continuously working to improve its research and development to improve the performance of its goods. The number one manufacturer of medical equipment in the world is Mindray. The AED manufactured by Mindray can be turned on in two seconds, a heart rate reading can be obtained in five seconds, and the device may deliver defibrillation immediately with backend pre-charge, thereby saving a life in a matter of seconds.

Visit the website of Mindray to obtain additional information regarding their AED.

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