Gojek Clone- Create a robust on demand business industry for entrepreneurs

Gojek Clone App, the powerful and technologically advanced Gojek Clone App, is the eye of the storm. Your customers can now hail rides by simply waving their hands in the air. This isn’t cool enough? Then check out the next feature: Book Taxis via your Apple smart-watches

With its innovative and intuitive nature, this app has made a significant impact on the world. The Covid-19 has dealt a severe blow to the on-demand services industry.

After the World Health Organization declared this novel-coronavirus an airborne, highly-contagious virus, people are skeptical about even stepping outside to get fresh air. They live in constant fear and have closed themselves off to their homes. Fear of contracting the deadly virus and falling prey to it.

Taxi Drivers in deep distress:

Taxi rides are not something anyone wants to book now. They fear they may contract the disease from the cab.

Restaurants closing:

After the first fatal wave of novel-coronavirus, customers have stopped ordering food online. They were afraid of getting the virus from someone they didn’t know, or from the package. They are skeptical about the cleanliness standards in Restaurant Kitchens where food is prepared. Even though Dine-in was not an option during the height of the virus, their last resort Take-Away Food failed miserably as no one was ordering food online.

Face mask verification for taxi drivers:

Before starting a ride, Taxi Drivers must upload a selfie of themselves with the mask on. First, the App Owner verifies the uploaded picture and then approves the ride request.

There are no penalties for ride cancellations

Any rider or Taxi Driver who is found to be violating the Covid Safety Checklist and not wearing face masks can cancel it immediately without any penalty.

What is the Covid Safety Checklist?

Before requesting a taxi ride, the Rider must agree to the Covid Safety Checklist. The Checklist’s four points include wearing a mask while riding, using their hands to clean themselves, carrying personal luggage and paying with an app wallet.

Upload clean, sanitized photos of your Kitchen to the App

The Restaurant Owners uploaded pictures of their clean kitchens, cold storage rooms, refrigerators, and work stations to gain customer trust. The pictures included chefs and serving staff wearing masks and gloves. Customers could also see that the temperature checks were being performed on all members of staff, including those who are part-time delivery partners.

Voice Instruction for Delivery Drivers:

Customers can record a voice message and upload it to the app. This will help the delivery drivers reach their destination quicker. You can include details such as which streets are best avoided, where to place your Food Package for seamless Contactless Delivery, where to park your two-wheeler, and where to park it. The delivery driver takes a photo of the Food Parcel and places it at the Customer’s doorstep.


Gojek Clone App awaits you to grab the bull by the horns! This App can be launched with BuyGojekApp within 7 days. You will become rich quickly! Visit their website to see the BuyGojekApp Review section. It contains 100+ video testimonials about how satisfied clients were with the company’s work plan and exceptional work ethic. With the purchase of the Package, they provide a free license code for one domain. They offer exceptional after-sales support, providing technical support for at least one year.

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