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Conprofe Ultrasonic UPG-500: Revolutionizing Precision Machining of Hard-to-Cut Materials

Are you in need of machining precision parts made of hard-brittle materials or other hard-to-cut substances? Look no further than the Conprofe Ultrasonic UPG-500, one of the intelligent graphite machining centers designed to tackle the most challenging materials with ease. This blog article will dig deeper into the remarkable features and capabilities of the UPG-500, highlighting its suitability for machining hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and more.

Advanced Ultrasonic Machining Technology

One of the standout features of the UPG-500 is its ability to machine hard-brittle materials such as ceramics, sapphire, glass, and silicon carbide. These materials are notoriously difficult to work with due to their high hardness and brittleness. However, with the UPG-500’s advanced ultrasonic machining technology, these challenges are effortlessly overcome. The system’s independently-developed intelligent features ensure superior precision and accuracy, with positioning accuracy of up to 3μm and repeatability of 2μm.

Optional Cooling Systems

To enhance the machining process further, Conprofe offers optional cooling systems, including Supercritical CO₂ and MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication). These systems not only enable clean machining but also contribute to prolonging tool life and improving overall efficiency.

Powerful Spindle

The UPG-500 boasts a robust spindle capable of delivering exceptional performance. With a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm for short-duration operations and 24,000 rpm for long-duration tasks, it ensures swift and efficient material removal. The HSK-E40 spindle taper provides excellent stability and precision during the machining process.

Versatile Tool Magazine Options

In terms of flexibility and convenience, the UPG-500 offers multiple options for tool magazines, including single, extended, and T40 chain-type magazines. This versatility allows for efficient tool management and easy customization to suit specific machining requirements. Additionally, the machine provides front-door loading and unloading, as well as side-door operation, enabling operators to work comfortably and efficiently.


The Conprofe Ultrasonic UPG-500 is a game-changer when it comes to machining hard-to-cut materials. Its advanced ultrasonic technology, coupled with intelligent features, allows for precise and efficient machining of hard-brittle materials, carbon-fiber composites, superalloys, and more. When you choose the UPG-500, you’re investing in cutting-edge technology that delivers exceptional results.

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