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Customized Energy Solutions: Transforming Industries with myACT’s EMS Services

As a trusted EMS electronic and green energy supplier, myACT has been at the forefront of providing exceptional customized energy solutions for different industries. With a wealth of experience and expertise, myACT offers comprehensive EMS services that cater to the unique needs of various sectors. Let’s explore some of the industries that have benefited from myACT’s customized energy solutions.

ICT: Empowering Communication and Connectivity

myACT has established itself as a trusted partner in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With a track record of serving leading enterprises such as Huawei, Inovance, INVT, and Lanhai Huateng, myACT delivers professional ODM/OEM/EMS electronic services. From network communication products to switches, servers, routers, and storage devices, myACT’s EMS electronics services cover a wide range of ICT applications.

Digital Energy: Meeting the Demands of Big Data and Energy Efficiency

With the challenges posed by big data and increasing energy consumption, myACT provides energy and infrastructure intelligent manufacturing solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to meet the application scenarios of the ICT industry in communication power supply, data center energy, and smart photovoltaics. Collaborating with companies like Sai Intelligent, myACT offers professional ODM, OEM, and EMS services for digital energy products, including communication site energy sources, module power supplies, server power supplies, data center power supplies, and customized power supplies.


myACT’s EMS services have played a pivotal role in transforming industries by offering customized energy solutions. From the ICT sector to digital energy, new energy, automated industry, vehicle electronics, Internet of Things, and enterprise networks, myACT has proven its ability to provide professional ODM/OEM/EMS services. By leveraging their expertise and experience, myACT continues to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability across various industries. Partner with myACT to unlock the potential of customized energy solutions for your business needs.

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