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Enhancing Medical File Management: OEKAN Furniture’s Notes Trolley Compact

When it comes to the seamless and secure transportation of medical files, healthcare facilities turn to OEKAN Furniture‘s Notes Trolley Compact. Their hospital trolley with drawers are designed to simplify the critical task of handling and transporting sensitive medical documents.

Space-Saving Solutions to Suit Any Setting

OEKAN Furniture is aware that there is a wide variety of configurations for use in medical settings. That’s why they offer two sizes of the Notes Trolley Compact, ensuring it can fit comfortably into any available space. OEKAN has you covered regardless of whether you need a version that is more compact or one that is wider and has a greater capacity for storage.

Mobility and Versatility in One Package

The Notes Trolley Compact is designed with portability and functionality in mind in addition to storage capacity. This trolley features four 125mm castors, two of which are braked, giving it the capacity to move around easily while also providing the necessary stability when it is in a fixed position. In addition, the top can be moved to increase the working surface, making document arrangement and review much more convenient.


OEKAN Furniture’s Notes Trolley Compact is the answer to efficient and secure medical file management. With its space-saving design, mobility-enhancing castors, and versatile sliding top, it’s the ideal solution for healthcare facilities looking to streamline their document handling processes. Elevate your medical file management with the Notes Trolley Compact and trust in OEKAN Furniture to provide you with top-notch solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

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