Five Cities to Move To for Tech Jobs

There are a few destinations you can work if you work in tech. Silicon Valley was once the epicenter of tech jobs. But this is not the case anymore. Tech companies of all types have started moving their operations to other places due to the oversaturation of start-ups, and nosebleed rent. Tech hubs have emerged in mid-sized American cities. This is both a delight for some and a pain for others. Regardless of what the locals think, there are clear places to find tech jobs. These are five cities that you should consider moving to if you want to work in technology.


Seattle has been dominated by technology, to the point that workers have a derogatory nicknames. The financial landscape in this historic city has been dominated by “tech boys”, as they are known. The boom in tech businesses is replacing the boom that was underground music in Seattle during the 1990s. Seattle has been a city that boomed, but not everyone is thrilled by the new success. Many people have moved to Seattle from far away and hotels in Seattle can accommodate tech business leaders. The city is changing with tech, but it might be a good place to relocate if you’re in the business. It is considered one of America’s best cities.


Austin, Texas’ eclectic capital, is now a boomtown. Elon Musk called Austin the “boomtown” when he moved his business to Austin. Austin was a popular city for tech companies even before Musk arrived. There is no state tax in Austin. The atmosphere is friendly to all. It’s a friendly city with a special attitude. It will attract new people with fresh ideas, even though tech companies may not keep Austin “unique”. Texas’ capital has been a center of innovation in an unusual way.

San Francisco

San Francisco is still a major tech center. Although the Bay Area has seen a significant increase in tech companies and residents, San Francisco’s character remains strong. San Francisco is now able to breathe as tech companies move out of Silicon Valley. Newcomers have significantly increased rent prices. The changes have caused some locals to be unhappy in San Francisco, just like Seattle. However, if you’re in the technology business and want to live in an interesting, cool place with lots of freedom, San Francisco could still be a good option.


Denver is a hub for technology because of a number of reasons. It is a favorable business climate. Rent is reasonable. Many young people are educated and looking for work in engineering or computer science. This is a city of mid-sized businesses that can help them succeed. The cost of offices is lower than in large cities. Tech companies can benefit from the informal professionalism and culture that the city offers. Many people consider it the best place to grow.


Atlanta is fast becoming a tech hub in America for many reasons. It’s a big city with many workers. It’s an affordable location to open a business. Tech owners have found it attractive to move to Atlanta or start a business there. The economy in Georgia’s capital is growing rapidly. It’s a vibrant city that has so much to offer. Atlanta’s next industry will be a tech.

Last thought

No matter where you live, there are many cities that offer tech jobs. It doesn’t take long to find a great place for tech workers. Each city will have its own view on newcomers to the tech industry. There are many things to take into consideration. You should consider the location’s business climate, rent, local outlook, and character to help you find the best place for your career. These five cities will not disappoint.

Ryan Beitler is an author who has written about technology, business, and travel for numerous publications.

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