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Illuminating the Darkness with ColorVu Technology:Hikvision Night Vision Camera

Hikvision, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, introduces its new line of Hikvision night vision cameras featuring ColorVu technology. These cutting-edge cameras combine advanced features and innovative technologies to deliver superior image quality and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

ColorVu + Panoramic: Experience the Whole Scene in Vivid Color

With ColorVu + Panoramic cameras, users can enjoy a complete view of their environment in vivid color. These cameras capture every corner of the scene, leaving no blind spots behind. The high-quality imaging in colorful detail ensures that no critical details are missed, enhancing overall situational awareness.

ColorVu + Varifocal: Zoom in with Vivid Color

For scenarios that require closer inspection or monitoring specific areas, the ColorVu + Varifocal cameras are the perfect solution. These cameras offer changeable focal lengths, allowing users to zoom in and capture detailed images even in low-light conditions. The vivid color reproduction ensures that every captured frame is rich in detail and clarity.

ColorVu + 4K: Capturing Richer, More Colorful Details

Hikvision’s ColorVu + 4K cameras elevate monitoring capabilities to a whole new level. With their 4K resolution, these cameras capture ultra-high-definition images that are rich in color and detail. The crisp and clear imaging, coupled with fluid preview and playback, allows users to analyze recorded footage and extract critical information accurately.


Whether it’s the panoramic view, varifocal capabilities, 4K resolution, live guarding features, or deep learning-based detections, Hikvision’s ColorVu night vision cameras push the boundaries of brilliance and redefine the possibilities of night vision technology.

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