Important Documents You Need to Have When Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer

You will need to be prepared with as many details as possible when meeting a personal injury attorney. A large number of people don’t know what to bring to facilitate the process.

Here are some important documents you should have with you when meeting with a personal injury lawyer.

1. Scene Pictures

Many lawyers recommend that you take pictures of any accident. You won’t just take random photos, but pictures that demonstrate damage to property or injuries. Also, you should take photos that show the accident’s cause.

When taking photos, add timestamps. Timestamps are used to identify the date and time of the event. They provide the date and the time of the event.

2. Information about insurance

Also, make sure to have copies of all your insurance information. This might not be enough. Also, make sure to check the policies of any other party that may have been at fault for your injuries.

3. Contacts for Willing Witnesses

As we have said, you must take photos of the scene. Another thing to remember is the contact information of witnesses. It is important to note that only witnesses who are willing to assist in the process should be given contact information.

Why do you need to contact witnesses? It is very easy to verify your claims if you have witnesses’ contact information.

4. Report from the Police

After taking photos of the scene and collecting contact information from witnesses willing to help, you can file a police report. A police report usually includes the identity of the person being investigated.

This includes both your and the other party’s claims as well as a description of the scene. It is important to have additional evidence that supports your claim when you file a police investigation. You should bring the police report to your first meeting with an attorney.

5. Medical records

Most lawyers, including Boohoff Law will tell you that medical documentation detailing your injuries is essential when meeting with a personal injury lawyer. The medical documents contain bills and information from the hospital, doctor, physical therapist and specialist.

These documents show that the doctor treated you for your injuries. It is important to have your medical records with you when you meet your attorney. This will help them determine the amount of compensation that you should receive.

6. Financial Records

You should also keep details of all your financial records. These records are particularly important if you have been injured and cannot work due to it. You should also include information about the amount you paid mechanics to repair your vehicle or bicycle.


Personal accounts are another important document that you need to have when meeting with a personal injury lawyer. This will allow you to recall exactly what happened.

When meeting with an injury lawyer, there are many documents that you need. Some documents are more important than others. To make sure that you get the best assistance, we have listed them all.

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