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Increasing Retail Productivity: Hanshow’s ESL Approach

A cutting-edge ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) system from Hanshow, a top supplier of the best electronic shelf label and the cost-effective digital price tag, transforms the retail sector. Hanshow’s ESL solution, with its cutting-edge features and inventive technology, gives merchants a quick, dependable, effective, and energy-efficient communication system that boosts operational effectiveness and elevates the shopping experience in general.

Establish Seamless Communication

At the heart of Hanshow’s ESL solution is the ESL Controller, which utilizes advanced transmission technology to establish seamless communication between the Access Point and IoT devices. By leveraging cellular networks, the ESL Controller intelligently searches for idle frequencies, ensuring fast and reliable communication. This high-speed communication capability enables retailers to update pricing, product information, and promotions in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is displayed on the electronic shelf labels.

Stability Ensures Synchronization of Information

Stability is a key aspect of Hanshow’s ESL solution. The advanced transmission technology employed by the ESL Controller ensures a stable connection between the Access Point and the IoT devices. This stability is crucial for retailers as it minimizes communication disruptions, preventing inconsistencies or delays in data updates on the electronic shelf labels. With a stable communication system, retailers can rely on the ESL solution to consistently deliver accurate and synchronized pricing and product information across their stores.


For merchants, Hanshow’s ESL solution is revolutionary since it offers them a quick, dependable, effective, and energy-efficient communication system. Retailers can easily adjust pricing and product information in real-time, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency across their stores, thanks to the sophisticated communication technology of the ESL Controller.

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