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Reinforcing Home Security with Hikvision Digital Video Recorder Solutions

Home security is a top priority for every homeowner, as it ensures the safety of loved ones and protects valuable belongings. Hikvision, a trusted name in the industry, offers advanced Hikvision Digital Video Recorder to meet the security needs of homes. With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, Hikvision DVRs provide homeowners peace of mind and efficient monitoring capabilities.

Powered by eSSD Technology

The DVR utilizes eSSD (embedded Solid State Drive) technology, providing reliable and high-speed video recording storage. This ensures optimal performance and durability.

Deep Learning-Based Human and Vehicle Targets Classification

The DVR incorporates Motion Detection 2.0, a deep learning-based technology that enables accurate classification of human and vehicle targets. This helps filter out false alarms and enhances the detection of critical events for your house.

Scene-Adaptive Bitrate Control Video Compression

The DVR employs scene-adaptive bitrate control for video compression. This technology optimizes the bitrate based on the scene’s complexity, resulting in efficient storage utilization without compromising video quality.

Up to 1080p Lite@15 fps Encoding Capability

The DVR supports encoding capability of up to 1080p Lite resolution at 15 frames per second. This ensures high-quality video recordings of your house for effective monitoring.

Low Power Consumption

The DVR is designed with low power consumption in mind, which helps reduce energy costs of your house and environmental impact.

Audio via Coaxial Cable

The DVR supports audio transmission via the cable. This eliminates the need for separate audio cables, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.


Regarding home security, the Hikvision digital video recorder offers homeowners a robust and dependable option. With advanced video monitoring technology, user-friendly features, and enhanced security measures, Hikvision DVRs provide the peace of mind every homeowner desires. Trust Hikvision’s trusted brand reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction to safeguard your home and loved ones effectively. Invest in a Hikvision digital video recorder and reinforce your home security today.

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