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Unleashing Intelligence: The ViSight Smart AI Camera by Hanshow

In the dynamic realm of retail, staying ahead means embracing cutting-edge technology. Enter the ViSight smart AI camera by Hanshow, a game-changer in planogram monitoring and shelf optimization. This innovative camera, boasting the prestigious 2021 iF Design Award, offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in real-time display monitoring and product recognition.

ViSight: Revolutionizing Retail Monitoring

ViSight’s high detection accuracy, backed by a powerful 1 TB Al processor and an 8M image sensor, allows for swift adaptation to changing retail environments. The seamless integration of product and ESL information ensures accuracy rates of 95%, setting a new standard in retail monitoring.

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance

Installing ViSight is a breeze with its simple network configuration, minimizing implementation and maintenance costs. The IP67 dust and water resistance further guarantee reliability in various retail settings.

The Impact on Retailers: ViSight’s Benefits Unveiled

Mounted strategically around the store, the ViSight camera becomes the eyes and brains of the retail operation. Detecting product shortages, reducing labor costs, preventing out-of-stock occurrences, ensuring proper labeling, and guaranteeing planogram compliance—ViSight delivers a comprehensive solution.

Real-Time Insights for Efficient Management

Managers, whether on-site or remote, gain a real-time backend view of shelves. This feature not only enhances decision-making but also ensures efficient management of product placement, pricing, and planogram adherence.


In the age of intelligent retail solutions, the ViSight smart AI camera stands as a testament to Hanshow’s commitment to innovation. Retailers embracing this technology gain not just a camera but a strategic partner in optimizing shelf performance and customer satisfaction.

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