8 Simple Ways to Make Your Streets and Neighborhoods Safe

It is long past the time when everyone was playing kick-the-can in the middle of the street during the summer. It doesn’t matter if you blame nervous parents or uninterested children, there is one thing certain: today many communities lack the sense of community that existed 10-20 years ago. This lack of community raises concerns about safety.

To keep your neighborhood safe, it takes a village. But you can do it! These are some simple tips.

1. Improve Street Lighting

Burglars often prefer low-density residential areas. If your neighborhood has lots of open space but few houses, ensure that the area is well-lit. Street lamps are not the only option. The led strip design has evolved over time and streetlights are now available in many styles and designs.

Ask that all households turn on their porch lights at night with motion detectors. This will ensure that any intruders won’t have somewhere to hide. AIO solar street lamps can be helpful in certain cases.

2. Know your Neighbors

Your neighbors are a great resource for extra eyes and help when you travel or go on vacation. People care about their neighbors, so it’s important to get to know them and build relationships to help create a sense of community and an urge to look after one another.

3. Hiring Security Guards

There might be vandalism or burglaries in your area. One option is to hire a security guard. A security guard can not only keep an eye on your house, but also the rest of the neighborhood.

Even if they are not wearing uniforms, their presence can deter crime. If viewed from afar, a uniformed security guard can pass as a cop. A security guard can also move about. If you leave the same spot, it may deter criminals looking to steal your property.

4. Coordinate

HOA meetings and the creation of a neighborhood watch group, among other measures, can help to address many security issues. However, there may be times when you need more power and authority in order to protect your safety.

Participate in public meetings, contact legislators, and talk with local police officers to discuss your state and local governments during these times. If there is a large company in your area, such as a manufacturer of baby car seats, you can speak with them to install lighting and CCTVs in their lot and the surrounding areas.

5. Install an Alarm System

A home security system will help protect your family and house. Your alarm notifies authorities and alerts neighbors when it goes off. This allows them to watch out for you. Your neighbors may also be benefited by a security system. The CCTV cameras placed outside your home may help you detect crimes or provide information.

6. Buddy System

The majority of violent crimes are committed against individuals who live alone. The buddy system is a way to ensure that children and vulnerable persons have at least one friend whenever they go outside the home. This applies whether the child is going to walk to school or play on the streets. You can have a buddy to act as a contact, point person or someone who will make sure your child’s safety when they return home.

7.Start Neighborhood Watch

If there isn’t one already, you might consider starting one. Locating potential participants from your neighborhood is the first step. Once you have a group of people willing to work hard, contact your local police department. A lot of local law enforcement agencies will send someone to your neighborhood watch meetings. This can be a great resource to learn how to report suspicious behavior and recognize it.

8. Protect Your Area

Your neighbors can only help you to keep your home safe. You are ultimately responsible for protecting your home. Take the time to evaluate your home and figure out how you can improve it. Securely store any custom gun cabinets.

It is easy to encourage crime by leaving your door unlocked when you are away from the house. You can lock your door remotely with certain smart locks. This is why upgrading your door lock might be an option. New camera technology allows you to see who is calling your doorbell, as well as fixing damaged or broken windows.


It’s not just a task to make your neighborhood safer. It can also provide an opportunity for you to make new friends, build new connections and create new relationships with your neighbors. Working together is the best way to address local crime, injuries, and accidents at the community level. You can make a difference in your community by promoting safety and making new friends.

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