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Challenging the Conventional, Leading with Innovation: Explore Vzense DS77C – Pioneer in 3D ToF Cameras

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, their commitment at Vzense to cutting-edge innovation is epitomized by their latest creation, the Vzense DS77C. This state-of-the-art ToF+RGB camera is set to redefine precision and clarity in depth imaging.

Vzense DS77C: Shaping the Future with Millimeter Accuracy

At the heart of the DS77C lies the Sony DepthSense ToF sensor, delivering millimeter accuracy that transcends industry standards. The 2MP global shutter RGB module captures vibrant images with exceptional detail, showcasing a resolution that enhances every visual experience.

Unveiling Unmatched Features

The DS77C Pro and DS77C Lite variants offer flexibility without compromise. With a maximum frame rate of 25fps and a ToF field of view spanning 70°(H) * 50°(V), these cameras empower users with precision and versatility. The RGB module, featuring a global shutter and a field of view of 77°(H) * 55°(V), ensures crystal-clear images.

Seamless Integration and Robust Performance

Designed for adaptability, the DS77C seamlessly integrates into diverse environments. Whether powered by PoE+ or 12V~24V DC, these cameras deliver optimal performance. Physical connections through M12 Aviation Plugs or RJ45+DC Jack, coupled with 1000M ethernet&RS485 communication, make the DS77C a robust solution.

Exceptional SDK Support and Compatibility

Their commitment to user convenience is reflected in the DS77C’s compatibility with Windows, Linux, Arm Linux, ROS1, and ROS2. The comprehensive SDK support in C/C++, Python, and C# ensures a smooth and efficient development process for your projects.


Explore endless possibilities with the Vzense DS77C series – a testament to their dedication to advancing ToF technology. From industrial applications to cutting-edge research, the DS77C sets a new benchmark. Vzense looks forward to continuously innovating and unlocking new horizons together.

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