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Elevating Millimeter-Wave Radar Testing with Sunyield’s SY-CATR Series

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciation, and we’re grateful for Sunyield‘s SY-CATR series. In the realm of millimeter-wave radar testing, these compact range antenna measurement systems are a game-changer. With their wide frequency band and compact design, they offer an ideal testing environment for millimeter-wave radar design and validation.

When it comes to automotive radar testing, the SY-CATR series ensures the safety and efficiency of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). By rigorously assessing radar sensors and components, these systems guarantee that your vehicle’s safety features perform flawlessly.

Military and 5G Radar – Precision at its Best

Sunyield’s SY-CATR series is the bedrock of precision in millimeter-wave radar testing. Military and police radar products demand the highest level of accuracy, and these systems deliver just that. Additionally, in the world of 5G, where millimeter-wave communication is pivotal, they optimize the performance of antennas, ensuring lightning-fast wireless connectivity.

Civilian Millimeter-Wave Antennas – Advancing Technology

Sunyield’s SY-CATR series goes beyond military and automotive applications. It’s a catalyst for innovation in civilian millimeter-wave antennas. From millimeter-wave reflector antennas to 5G millimeter-wave communication antennas, these systems help design and test antennas for a variety of applications, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


In summary, the SY-CATR series by Sunyield brings Thanksgiving to the world of millimeter-wave technology, offering the gift of precision and reliability in compact range antenna measurement. Whether you’re working on automotive safety, military radar, or 5G connectivity, these systems provide the tools for advancement and innovation.

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